About us

About Papigion

Papigion is a business initiative, with limited edition and fully (100%) handmade bow ties. Our primar aim and purpose is to offer unique bow ties, in various designs, vintage, modern or classic, made in Greece and particularly in Thessaloniki,  with reasonable prices, considering that they are fully handmade. Additionally, we attempt, to a certain extent, to help the local economy in Thessaloniki, in the general context of sustainable development and the ethical business framework. More specifically, our bow ties are created entirely with materials purchased from small shops in Thessaloniki, a city where fashion has evolved more than in other cities, as there flourished the most creative fashion houses. The beauty of these bow ties is that they are crafted by hand with needle and thread, without using glue or similar products. Therefore no bow tie, whether it belongs to a same code or not can be similar to the previous one. Our bow ties are unique!

  • Unique pieces
  • 100% handmade 
  • Custom-made
  • Supporting local economy
  • Respecting our costumers

Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance...

Rick Kaplan, former TV news producer at ABC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC

Bow ties are worn by magicians, country doctors, lawyers and professors and by people hoping to look like the above. But perhaps most of all, wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think….

Warren St. John of The New York Times

Bow ties are cool….

Matt Smith during his tenure as Doctor Who

When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you. Your posture is a little more erect; your shoulders are a little further back; your style is a little more dynamic. It’s about the reestablishment of the gentleman.….

Former American Football (Gridiron) player Dhani Jones

See the bowtie? I wear it and I don’t care. That’s why it’s cool.….

Scottish TV writer and producer Steven Moffat

What we used to say was whoever had the bow tie got to lead the band. There was never any jealousy.….

American clarinetist Pete Fountain